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  Сватбена агенция София - сватбена декорация, сватбена украса, сватба София, svatba
  Сватбени агенции София - сватбени декорации, сватбена украса, сватба София, svatba
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  Сватбена агенция София - svatba, сватбени рокли, сватбена украса, сватба София, сватбена декорация
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  Сватбена агенция София - бели гълъби, сватбена декорация под наем, панделки за столове, калъфи, булчински букет, цветя за сватба



Wedding agency Vulshebnicite – svatbena agencia Vulshebnicite – agency for wedding decorations Valshebnicite


Wedding agency Vulshebnicite – svatbena agencia Vulshebnicite – agency for wedding decorationsValshebnicite, is your wedding agency!


Have you ever dreamed to have a magic wand that created everything for your wedding day?
Wizards will surround you with care from the moment you call us when you wish "happy honeymoon".
We wizards wizards of Wedding Agency will save you time, stress, and find numerous meetings with subcontractors. We'll give you assurance that what is promised will be fulfilled.


Our magic wands will take care of everything:

• Complete or partial consulting, organization and coordination of your wedding and everything associated with it
• Complete or partial decoration of your wedding

In connection with the organization of your wedding, Wedding Agency offers wizards (Please visit our Gallery):

• Develop a comprehensive program for preparedness planning for the wedding - planning step by step
• Provide materials for newlyweds, sponsors, parents and groomsmen containing information necessary for purchasing, traditions, obligations to people according to their roles and many other useful information that is selected and systematized
• Prepare a detailed program for the conduct of the wedding day
• Development of wedding budget
• Assistance in choosing the location, maintenance hours, submissions and agree on conditions for civil marriage and religious marriage wedding:
o Civil ceremony in the wedding hall, marriage in the open, to a lake or pool on the roof, into a museum, signing in the summer garden, marriage in the winter garden, terrace pledge of ... We arrange unique ceremonies exported
o Church ritual in a church, monastery, chapel or outdoors
o Celebrate in a restaurant, catering in the ballroom, catering outdoors or in a museum.
• Explanation of all wedding ceremonies
• Traditional wedding scenario for the wedding day
• Unusual wedding scenario for the wedding day
• Fun games wedding day
• Coordination and control of the wedding day
• Reception, accommodation and care for the wedding guests
• Advice on wedding etiquette
• Information on medical research and preparation of other required documents
• Marriage Contract
• Invite
o You can choose from five categories. We are ready to design a unique invitation for you - with your photos from your portrait or our project to meet the theme of your wedding.
o If you wish, we can make special invitations to sponsors, invitations to parents, invitations to groomsman and bridesmaids
o Videopokani
o Electronic wedding invitations
o Musical wedding invitations
o We will provide you with many different texts for invitations to choose the most appropriate for you. If you prefer, we can create a new text to your wedding invitation - full charge of your talent. We will be glad if our lyrics inspire you to write the text for your wedding invitations.
o We will give you the opportunity to choose from dozens of fonts for wedding invitations
o Printing of wedding invitations
o Calligraphy, calligraphy services
• Special moments for you both - dance lessons, riding lessons, trip by plane, spa ...
• Wedding List
• Lessons folk dance lessons in classical and Latin dance
o Make your first wedding dance memorable. Enjoy the choreography of our teachers dance. Please note that the complexity and number of dance lessons that will take depends entirely on you. Invest a little time and desire to create something unique. No need to be perfect. It is enough to be memorable!
• bachelor and bachelorette party
• limousine, luxury car, vintage car, horse carriage, helicopter, yacht transport for wedding guests - vans, buses, cars
• Wedding accessories for civil and religious marriage - wedding champagne glasses, wedding cup religious marriage, wedding candles, gifts for guests, fortune, favors, decorated wedding champagne baskets for the bridesmaids and best man - throwing baskets of red roses, baskets of fortune, baskets for wedding gifts for guests
• Discuss and develop a sketch of the layout of the tables during the wedding as well as local guests
• Advice on choice of menu and drinks
• White doves, butterflies
• pyrotechnics - fireworks, fireworks, bonfires and torches
• Hair, makeup, manicure, pedicure, relax (SPA procedures and hula)
• DJ, host of the wedding, sound, singers, soloists, musicians, dancers, clowns, mimes, actors, folklore program - Bulgarian folk dance, fire show, entertainment for children
• cameraman, wedding video, wedding video, a short version of the wedding movie videopokana
• Photographer, wedding photography, art photos, fotokniga wedding, wedding collages, WWW
• Wedding cake, breads, cookies, candies with your initials
• Chocolate fountain, chocolate fondue, champagne fountain
• Reception, accommodation and travel program for the wedding guests that come from home and abroad. Organizing transport van, bus, car.
• Animation for kids - a lot of care and games for children of the wedding
• Organization of honeymoon
• Wedding surprises for you, brides and grooms for your guests
• Anything else related to the wedding for you and you can not guess.


In connection with the decoration of your wedding, Wedding Agency offers wizards (Please visit our Gallery):

• Determining the overall design concept, styling and decoration of your wedding
• Themed weddings - choosing a theme and colors of the wedding
• Weddings in Bulgarian folk style
• International weddings
• Clothing and accessories for the bride
• Clothing and accessories for the groom
• dresses for bridesmaids
• Bridal bouquet, buttonhole for a lapel, buttonhole in hand
• Wedding rings
• Wedding Book - a book for Christmas
• Decorated box to collect gifts
• Decoration of the wedding car with fresh flowers, artificial flowers, fabrics
• Wedding decoration in the home of the bride, wedding decorations in the home of the groom, wedding decorations in the home of sponsors
• Wedding design and decoration - great ideas for wedding decorations with flowers, materials and lights
o Decoration of civil marriage ceremony given in
o Decoration of the wedding hall
o Wedding church decorations
o Garnish with remote ritual of religious marriage
o Decoration of the restaurant hall, open
• Arc of exported ritual, religious marriage, wedding party - an arch with artificial flowers, natural flowers arch, arch decorated with fabrics, a combination made according to your requirements
• Stands / zhardenieri exported for ritual religious marriage, wedding party - stands with artificial flowers, stands with natural flowers, stands decorated with fabrics, a combination made according to your requirements
• tent / awning with artificial flowers and veils, tent / awning with flowers and veils
• Wooden floor for tents
• Lighting - guidance, spray other colors
• Decoration of pools, waterfalls and other water areas
• Partial or full dressing room with fabric
• Decoration of walls, ceilings, columns, railings, stairs, doors
• Cases of chairs and chair ribbons - satin, organza, taffeta, veil tulle and others, covers for chairs without armrests, covers for chairs with armrests, stolovki, several shades of color
• Building the wall behind the wedding mass (VIP Table) with veils and lights
• Construction of a canopy or other fabric decoration with above and behind the wedding table
• Decoration of wedding table, drapery, veils, lights, flowers, candles
• Tablecloths, cloth along the table cloth in the middle - satin, veil, organza, taffeta
• Napkins for tables - cloth and paper
• Custom printing on napkins
• Arrangements for tables, candles, glassware, dishes made of wrought iron
• Arrangement of fresh flowers
• Arrangement with artificial flowers
• Colored trees for tables
• Candles - glass, iron, wrought iron
• Tables, chairs, utensils
• Balloons, Hearts of balloons, balloon arches, balloon flowers
• Wedding Trail
• Tinker
• Plates with people's names (place cards), plates with the number of tables, menus
o Select from a catalog
o Development of individual project
o Print
o Calligraphy
o Placing places guests
• Heaters "mushroom"
• Decoration of room for wedding night
• Decoration with many accessories that will add mood, corresponding to the whole idea for your wedding

For more information, please see "Wedding planner prices"
To get a visual, please see our "Wedding gallery"
You can take advantage of our accumulated experience over the years, ideas and suggestions related to the wedding, but we can create something that would be your only – relate to your experiences, emotions, memories and desires..

Do not wonder! Contact us!
Dial phone 0888 49 58 71
Wedding Agency Valshebnicite – svatbena agencia Vulshebnicite – agency for wedding decorationsand the wizards call.
Believe us, give yourself a fairytale wedding!